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Activities of RuDa corp

The RuDa corp specializes in the supply of lubricants and maintenance of the largest industrial, mining, oil and gas, and construction enterprises in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

We are proud to present ourselves as the official distributor of high-quality lubricants TotalEnergies.

Our goal is to provide customers with high-quality lubricants that meet the highest standards and requirements.

We are proud of our experience and professionalism, which allows us to provide our customers with modern and innovative solutions in the field of lubricants. For 3 years we have established strong partnerships with large companies throughout Kazakhstan, such as KazMinerals, ERG, and Akniet Burga. Since 2022, we have been ensuring the uninterrupted supply of lubricants for KazMinerals to the Aktogay and Bozshakol fields, providing them with a guarantee of the reliability of their production processes. Thanks to the certified lubricants technical department, we are making a favorable transition to TotalEnergies products in the shortest possible time.

We are proud of our achievements and the fact that we were able to become a reliable partner in the supply of lubricants for industrial enterprises throughout the country.

Reliability, stability, and timeliness are our core values of the company.

Areas of competence

We are the official distributors of the French brand of industrial oils and lubricants TotalEnergies on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.